Technical data

Operating weightup to max. 35 m
Diesel engine470 kW
Electric engine
430 kW

Maximum Efficiency With Scrap, Timber And In Port

The 880 EQ is equally at home in scrap yards and ports. It is in demand when there is a large work area to be covered and is ideally suited to the challenging work of unloading scrap, bulk cargo and general cargo from ships up to Handymax size. Also popular: the stationary electric solution at the heart of a scrap yard for sorting tasks and feeding the scrap shears. The equipment is perfectly balanced in any work position by the counterweight, which is directly connected to the equipment. This means that only a small amount of energy is needed to drive the equipment - even when large operating ranges and heavy loads are involved.


Panoramic View From The Port Cab

Excellent view across the whole work area and into the ship hull for unloading
Comfortable, air-conditioned work space for the machine operator, with responsive joystick steering
Floor window, sun protection, external microphone, loudspeaker, powerful lighting

Efficient And Environmentally Friendly

Economical thanks to the powerful 430 kW electric engine
Emission-free work
Stationary and mobile solutions available
Power supply to suit your needs e.g. spiral motorized cable reel for linear routes

Durable, Low-maintenance Electric Drive

Clean engine compartment even after a long operating period
Higher value retention thanks to the long service life of hydraulic components
Low service costs thanks to longer service intervals and no need for fuel and oil filters / oil changes