Technical data

Maximum reach
up to 27 / 32 / 36 / 40 m
Electric engine
315 kW

Maximum Efficiency And Range In The Port

The 8400 EQ is SENNEBOGEN’s largest balancer. As a stationary machine it has a reach of up to 42 meters and can cover a work area of around 5,500 sq m. Thanks to the EQ principle, which reduces the amount of engine power needed with intelligent power distribution, you can save up to 50 % on energy costs for port handling. It works in an efficient and resource-friendly way, and is perfectly suited to the challenging continuous nature of port or industrial applications.


Maximum Efficiency Through The EQ Principle

Counterweight moves coupling bar forwards or backwards with minimal energy expenditure
Work with just 50 % of the installed installed motor and hydraulic drive power compared with conventional machines thanks to intelligent power distribution
Smaller engine size and hydraulic components required
Energy costs 50 % lower than those of traditional material handling solutions

More Reach For In The Port

A versatile machine: loading / unloading trucks, sorting, feeding systems
stationary machine can cover an effective work area of 3,210 to 5,500 sq m
The mobile machine version enlarges the working area according to the travel route
Equipment lengths: 32, 36, 40 and 42 meter lengths available

Highest Level Of Safety And Easy Maintenance

Maintenance friendly, walk-on power pack with all hydraulic and engine components
Clearly arranged engine compartment
Highest levels of safety: Excellent access to the uppercarriage thanks to the precision-fit platforms and railings

8400 EQ E series