Technical data

Operating weightfrom 53 to 67 t
Maximum reachup to 20 m
Diesel engine231 kW
Electric engine
200 kW

High Load Capacities In Scrap And Port Handling

As the big brother of the 835, the SENNEBOGEN 840 E offers greater stability and higher load capacities thanks to its larger undercarriage. Heavy transhipment cargo with high density is a challenge which this machine is happy to handle thanks to its durable and sturdy equipment. This makes the 840 E from SENNEBOGEN perfect for use under continuous stress in scrapyards or ports.


Space Saving, Maneuverable, Powerful

Compact machine dimensions for top mobility in ports
Rapid cycle times for loading and unloading
Stable equipment versions for tough tasks

Emission-free, Economical Work

200 kW electric drive, no exhaust emissions
Low-noise electric motor guarantees vibration-free movement
Reduce energy costs by up to 50%
Ready for use at all times: No need for refueling stops

Meets The Toughest Requirements

Rugged construction for demanding long-term operation
Made-to-order project planning – tailored to your specific requirements

840 Mobile E Series

840 Caterpillar E series