Technical data

Operating weightfrom 45.5 to 66 t
Maximum reachup to max. 20 m
Diesel engine231 kW
Electric engine
160 / 200 kW


The design of the 835 E series machine impresses with its large range of equipment options, high operator comfort, and optimized technology. The Green Efficiency Model combines proven high performance with low fuel consumption, maximum operating comfort and safety features for both the operator and the machine. With its electric drive, the material handling specialist shines with fast work cycles in ports, on scrap yards, when handling timber or at recycling facilities - and is good for the environment and wallets too!


Space-saving Powerhouse For Scrap Handling And Port Handling

Maneuverable and versatile operation even in confined spaces
Stable equipment for challenging tasks
Fast cycle times when loading and unloading

Environmentally-friendly Electric Drive

160 kW or 200 kW electric engine, no emissions
Energy cost reduction of up to 50 %
Especially low-wear and durable
Can work around the clock - no stopping to refuel

Material Handler For Scrapyards

Extensive reach of up to 20 m (depending on chosen equipment)
Robust design for continuous operation
Custom project planning: whether stationary, mobile or with crawler tracks, we will find the right drive configuration up for your job

835 Mobile E Series

835 Caterpillar E series