Technical data

Operating weightfrom 38.5 to 48 t
Maximum reachup to 17 m
Diesel engine168 kW
Electric engine
132 kW


Its wide range of equipment and great number of potential configurations make it one of the most popular material handling machines in the world. The SENNEBOGEN 830 E is very variable and a true multi-functional machine that can hold its own in many different industries.


Discover Sennebogen’s Versatility

Modular machine design with diverse individual options
Tooled up for its mission: be it timber, recycling, shipping or at the scrapyard
Various equipment options: Ranges of up to 17 meters
Undercarriage based on available space and requirements

Emission-free Work Thanks To Electric Motor

Environmentally friendly work
Reduce energy costs by up to 50%
No need for refueling stops and fuel storage space
Motor compartment stays clean even after prolonged operation
Lower service costs

Economical Powerhouse

SENNEBOGEN Green Efficiency:
168 kW diesel engine in accordance with the latest Stage V emissions standards
Lower pollutant emissions thanks to sophisticated filter system
Automatic idle/stop to reduce unnecessary consumption
Optimal power transmission thanks to large hydraulic valves and lines

830 Mobile_Mobile HD_MHDS_Trailer

830 Caterpillar E Series