Technical data

Operating weight
up to 34.1 t
Maximum reach
up to 11 m
Diesel engine
168 kW

High Performance At The Sorting Line And In The Log Yard

A powerful driving machine with high safe working loads, the SENNEBOGEN 730 is just as at home at the saw mill sorting line as it is with a trailer in the log yard. The machine impresses with its powerful drive, convenient reach with a stacking height of up to 10 meters, and compact measurements. Thanks to a 360 degree slewing uppercarriage, the Pick & Carry material handler can navigate narrow spaces without the need for complex turning manoeuvres.


Compact And High Performance

The expert for narrow spaces: its 360 degree rotation means that the 730 M can move easily between stacks
Small front and rear radii
Weight reduced by intelligent engineering: rear-hinged boom for perfect mass distribution
High load capacities with low deadweight
Large operating range thanks to reach width and height of 11 m
Powerful acceleration thanks to the 168 kW stage V engine and all-wheel drive

Sophisticated Safety Design

Maximum stability thanks to eight tires and optimum weight distribution
Maxcab equipped with series standard all-round protective guard
Safe access to cab and uppercarriage thanks to stable grip handles and non-slip surfaces
Easy access to the cab thanks to the convenient sliding door
Optional 1.5 meter cab elevation (rigid) for an even better view
Powerful optional LED lighting package

Save Fuel, Perform Better

Series standard efficiency: reduce fuel consumption with automatic idle / stop feature and EcoMode
High efficiency levels: perfect hydraulic oil flow rate thanks to large-scale valves and pipes
Additional payload thanks to the trailer concept: 4 times as much timber can be transported using the trailer
Fewer journeys: the 730 can pull loads of up to 25 tonnes with ease

730 Mobile E Series