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If you are active in hydraulic engineering, in demolition, at the port or in the industry, you will certainly appreciate the benefits of flexible handling machines with a modular design. Permanently safe and reliable.

With increasing demands on port logistics, there is more call for specially adapted material handlers. Thanks to its modular machine concept, SENNEBOGEN offers a wide selection of efficient and powerful material handlers and port cranes - individually configured to meet your requirements:

Balancer concept for a bigger work radius, perfect for use in port
Big energy saving potential thanks to the proven SENNEBOGEN Green Hybrid system
Corrosion protection thanks to special sea climate resistant coating
Various undercarriage options thanks to the modular machine construction

Challenges In Port Handling

Handling Bulk Cargo

Handling of all bulk cargo for ships up to handy-size class

Handling General Cargo

Handling general cargo (big bags, timber, coils, semi-finished products, pallet goods, empty containers) with loading hooks or special attachments


Pontoon trans-shipment solutions