Kroeger Greifertechnik is a leading Grabs engineering and manufacturing company based in Sonsbeck, Germany.

KROEGER GRABS (Since 1962) have been the leading supplier of premium grab solutions providing customers around the world more than fifty years of design, development, production and service expertise. They offer a wide range of Grabs using Cable, Motor hydraulic and pure hydraulic technology and offer all grab types ranging from Clam Shell, Orange peel, etc ranging from 0.5 cbm to over 30 cbm.

Kroeger Grabs have long been recognized for their expertise in the following applications- Timber, Scrap, Coal, Iron ore, steel, Dredging applications, Sand excavation, etc

The distinct quality of the Kroger grabs right from small series to large individual hydraulic grabs is that they have zero maintenance cost. While conventional Grabs used in three shift operation often require up to 45 hrs of downtime per month for lubrication of their seals and bearings, Kroger Grabs have an encapsulated zero maintenance lifetime lubrication system. This unique system is a development born out of Kroger’s specialisation in underwater grabs. Kroger grabs are an investment in rugged, advanced grab solutions with the certainty of many years of reliable operations.