Type MZG harbour

Handling of all types of bulk loads in seaports, inland harbours and storage yards. Ship-to-ship, ship-to-store/railway wagon/silo handling. For a wide variety of crane installations with controls designed for powered hydraulic grab operation.

Technical design
As a loading grab and ship unloading grab with recessed jaw pivot points for operation below the ship’s gang board.
Optimum utilisation of the crane load capacity thanks to weight-optimised design with maximum possible volume.
Grab drive:
  •  Vertically arranged electro-hydraulic drive unit with high-pressure pump.
  Opening and closing motions controlled by clockwise and anti-clockwise electric motor operation (reversing control). 
The electric motor is only switched on during the opening and closing motions.
Grab hinge bearings:
  Rugged steel-bush bearing, for re-lubrication
Rigid, torsionally stiff design by means of direct cylinder pivots.
  Grab jaws:
  Jaw design adapted to the material flow
  Material: S355J2+N
Grab hinge bearings:
  KRÖGER bearing system of low or ZERO-maintenance design.
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