Incineration plants for domestic refuse and refuse-derived fuels or incineration facilities of all types. For a wide variety of crane installations with hook operation or cable or chain suspension.

Technical design
Design with open grab jaws.
Suitable for handling all types of refuse.
Optimum utilisation of the crane load capacity thanks to weight-optimised design with maximum possible volume.
  Self-locking grab suspension for crane hook.
Grab drive:
  Vertically arranged electro-hydraulic drive unit with high-pressure pump.
  Opening and closing motions controlled by clockwise and anti-clockwise electric motor operation (reversing control). The electric motor is only switched on during the opening and closing motions.
  Opening and closing motions by means of direct connected hydraulic cylinders with rugged piston rod protection.
Grab hinge bearings:
  Rugged steel-bush bearing which can be re-lubricated.
  KRÖGER bearing system of ZERO-maintenance design.
Rugged jaw design with jaw plates made of S355J2+N material with hard-wearing edge made of Pantanax round-section steel.
  Welded jaw teeth of highly wear-resistant special steel.
  Quick-change system.
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