Type MHG

In seaports, inland harbours and storage yards for handling logs, stacked timber and similar goods also for follow-on sectors of industry. Ship-to-ship, ship-to-store/railway wagon/truck handling. For a wide variety of crane installations with controls designed for hydraulic grab operation.

Technical design
Designed for handling stacked timber with two interlocking jaws to pick up individual or several logs.
Optimum utilisation of the crane load capacity thanks to weight-optimised design with maximum possible gripping surface.
Narrow jaw design for optimum penetration.
Hard-wearing cutting edges.
Correspondingly dimensioned hydraulics with short opening and closing times and high closing pressure ensure that logs are grabbed quickly and held reliably.
Reliably protected and easily accessible integrated electro-hydraulic power unit.
Opening and closing motions controlled by clockwise and anti-clockwise electric motor operation (reversing control). The electric motor is only switched on during the opening and closing motions.
Opening and closing motions by means of direct connected hydraulic cylinders with optional rugged piston rod protection.
Optional design with turning mechanism for precisely picking up and depositing logs.
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