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Our Green Line material handling machines fulfil the requirements that discriminating customers have when it comes to modern process machines. Our machines are designed for fast duty cycles, dynamic loads and perform their function with maximum reliability. In particular, our customers appreciate our superior availability, high reliability and robust and high-quality workmanship of all components with machines often operating in excess of 7000 hours per year.

We have pooled our knowledge about markets and applications in independent business units. Our specialists understand and consult our customers in their specific markets, achieving the correct solutions and best results in:

• Port and cargo operations
• Scrap metal handling / steel works
• Waste / recycling / energy
• Timber and forestry
• Hydraulic engineering
• Demolition
• Agriculture

Comprehensive market knowledge of different applications:
Scrap metal handling
Fast and safe handling – maximum load capacity

Recycling industry
Excellent performance even in adverse conditions

Timber and forestry
Grab and transport heavy loads safely and fast

Hydraulic engineering
Tough conditions – protecting the environment

Extreme forces – protecting working equipments

Multihandler for safe and manifold loading tasks

Industry and communities
Multihandler with manifold accessory tools
Model kW Range Tonnage of
the machine
Sennebogen Products
Green line 305 Multihandler
Green line 718 R
Green line 718 M
Green line 723 M-HD
Green line 730 M-HD
Green line 735 M-HD
Green line 818 M
Green line 818 R
Green line 821 M
Green line 821 R
Green line 825 M
Green line 825 R
Green line 830 M
Green Line 830 M-HD
Green Line 830 M-T
Green Line 830 R-HD
Green Line 830 R-HDD
Green Line 835 M
Green Line 835 M special
Green Line 835 R-HD
Green Line 840 M
Green Line 840 R-HD
Green Line 850 M
Green Line 850 M special
Green Line 850 R-HD
Green Line 850 R special
Green Line 860 M
Green Line 860 R
Green Line 870 M
Green Line 870 M special
Green Line 870 R-HD
Green Line 870 R special
Green Line 875 R-HD
Green Line 880
Green Line 880 EQ
Green Line 8100 EQ
Green Line 8130 EQ
Green Line 8160 EQ
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